Our values are modeled on the traditional Chinese and American cornerstones of RespectCourage, and the Importance of Family.  Together with the Heritage Student-Profile-Values of Confidence, Independence, Risk-Taking, and 21st-Century-Skilled, our scholars thrive to reach their potential with integrity and respect.



How We Achieve these Values

Respect: We aim to offer a safe, happy environment where everyone is known and valued—a place where differing needs are acknowledged, accepted, and met. At Heritage Academy, respect is lived and modeled from management to teachers, and teachers to students. We value self-respect, mutual respect, respect for others, and respect for our environment.



Courage: Teaching students to have boldness in the classroom not only increases engagement and academic achievement but also helps students learn how to handle difficult situations and challenges. One might not think that children endure many hardships, but they do — they try new things every day at school!  These acts include trying out new skills and activities or standing up and speaking in front of the classroom, all of which takes courage.

Learning to fail is another vital aspect of courage.  At Heritage, we approach failure with a growth mindset.  “I can’t” shifts to “I can’t, yet…” Continued practice leads to increased courage.  When students become less afraid of defeat, they’ll begin to demonstrate more perseverance and persistence in the face of adversity.  We teach students to look at failure as an opportunity to learn and a necessary step on the path to success.



Family: In line with the Heritage belief in the importance of “family,” and the importance of including everyone within the school community, we have a Parent Partnership Program. Parents are invited through the Parent Partnership Program to be actively involved in supporting their children with what is happening in school. This could be from coming in to read to students, participating in birthdays, and sharing encouraging stories to be posted in the classroom on the “DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE” wall. Family involvement is integral to Heritage Academy’s success!